Reading Foreign Language through Technology
Jamie RoweFebruary 15, 2011
I. Introduction
a. Los Baker van a Perú
i. Kirby, Nathaniel. (2007). Los Baker Van a Perú. Chandler, AZ: TPRS Publishing,
b. Inspiration
c. Google Docs
d. Google Forms
II. Inspiration
a. Reading #1
i. Link to Word Document
1. Create Inspiration document for Nathaniel and family
a. Stress repetition of questioning in Foreign Language
III. Google Docs
a. Reading #2
i. Link to Word Document
1. Demonstrate Google Doc Main Idea Activity
2. Create small groups of 3-4 people
a. Click Main idea Discussion Hub
b. Go to your group number’s Google Doc
c. Create 3 Develop 3 main idea sentences
i. Wait for everyone to complete their sentences
d. Go to other group’s Google Doc
e. Reading their sentences
f. Mark the sentence that you think is more important with a Team Name
g. Discuss sentences
i. Relate to Foreign Language/Grammar
Note: Schools can give each student a Google Account and then you are able to track any changes that each student made to a page.
IV. Google Forms
a. Reading #3
i. Link to Word Document
1. Access wikipage:
2. PETE&C Page
3. Click The Baker’s Quiz PETE&C
4. Take Quiz
5. Demonstrate Creation of Google Form/Quiz
a. Name is a separate question