Español II

1. Geocaching
  • Groups of 4-5 students
  • Find a cache and 1 person in your group scans the QR code to find out which region and city of Spain they are assigned.
  • You can not chose the same as someone else in your group.

2. Activity 1:
  • Learn general information about the Regions of Spain.
Spain’s 17 Autonomous Regions

  1. Get a Region from Mrs. Brown.

  1. Go to

  1. Research your Region - click on all the links associated with your region.

  1. Use the “España Tab as well.

  1. Share what you learned.


3. Activity 2:

Visual Component:
1. SLIDESHOW with basic information on your CITY to present to the class
  • Population, Location, Size, Language, Food/Gastronomy, Cultural Norms, etc…

2. ONE PAGE PRINTOUT WILL INCLUDE (use a 1 slide Powerpoint): A. Create a slide with an audio recording for English-speaking tourists visiting your city with information about your city and one of the sights in your city.
  • A large picture of the attraction that you choose in your city
  • Print out the name of the attraction with a catchy tagline or slogan (of your creation) to draw visitors to this attraction.
  • Print out a map showing the site's location in the region/city.
  • Include the QR code for your audio recording.
  • Your Name

  • Go to Google Maps
  • Type in Address of your Attraction
  • Zoom In appropriately
  • Screen Shot (Apple + Shift + 4)
  • Screenshot will appear on desktop and put in One page Printout

Audio Recording INCLUDES:
  • Name of the attraction in English and Spanish (if there is a translation)
  • How and when it was created
  • At least three more details
  • When you can visit and how much it costs if it’s not free.

How to make your audio recording:
  • Go to: or
    • Follow on screen setup directions.
  • Record the audio
  • Click Save recording
  • Copy the URL

How to create QR Code:
  • Go to
  • Paste the URL that was copied above (MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HAVE 2 http://)
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to create a QR code - CHANGE TO STATIC!
  • Include your QR code on your single sheet print out by copying and pasting

3. Bring in a food from your city to share with the class on the day of your PowerPoint presentation.

Finished project example: